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Ruby is a gem of planet Sun, which is responsible for the constitution of our body. If the sun is debilitated, weak one may suffer from high blood pressure, have heart-related problems like blockages etc..weakness in eyesight, bones, graying of hair, excessive adamant…research has shown that sunlight also seems to affect health in a lot of other ways. It provides vitamin D which is very important for the human body.



Fights with Diseases and Illnesses

It helps in curing diseases like peptic-ulcer, rheumatism, itch, and insomnia. Ruby if worn in combination with other gemstones, helps in heart diseases as well.

Jyotishi/Astrology and Numerology   

As per modern science, Ruby has proved to be very lucky. In combination, one can also use yellow sapphire and Topaz. They help in success and good well being.

Durability of Ruby

They are easy to care for as they are hard and strong. However, make sure you are not wearing ruby during a rough job or dealing with chemicals. Ruby can be cleaned with soap water or a jewelry cleaner can be used.