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Who We Are

Astrology is an ancient science that says that the character and destiny of humans depend on the positions of the stars at the moment of birth. We, at Jyotish Deep Mala, work hard to reveal the fascinating sense of wonder and the magical mystery by offering

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Astrology is the study of the movements and positions of the sun, moon, planets, and stars in the belief that they affect the character and lives of people. Also, different sections of society believe in different astrological concepts.Learn More »


Palmistry is an ancient science . In India palmistry was called Hasta Samudrik Shastra. Where reading palm or lines of hand meant scanning through the blueprint of one’s life. Learn More »


Historically Vastu dates back to the Vedic times. Although there is a reference to Vastu in several ancient books, Mayamata and Manasara are the most important ones. Being a technical subject it was confined to the Sthapathis or architects. Learn More »


‘Ritualism or karmakand,’ is a practice, the practice of communion with the Divine, the practice of our Upanishadic philosophy, and the tenets of Vedanta through the actions of our body, speech and mind. Learn More »