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Pearl is the gemstone representing planet Moon. It has the power to capture the benefic influence of the moon and inject it into our system thereby bringing positivity, calmness, and emotional stability into our lives. Pearl is of 2 types, Natural pearl also known as Basra pearl, and cultured pearl which is known as South sea pearl. The substitute of pearl is Blue sheen moonstone and white moonstone known as Chandrakant mani in Hindi.



  • Boosts your mood, calms the nervous system, and protects from temptations.⠀
  •  Balances the aura⠀
  •  Calming effect on your whole body⠀
  •  Helps with skin issues⠀
  •  Enlightens the mind⠀
  •  Symbolizes loyalty and dedication⠀
  • Is believed to be a stone of fertility – Pearls are supposed to cure heart problems. this is a symbol of richness, power and pearl contain a deep healing energy against eye issues.⠀Cure various diseases like diabetes, hypertension, problems with kidneys, and others.